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Trout Lake To Pyramid Pass loop

Posted by Leo Vandenberg on


5 Miles


 Medium Difficult (Rock Hooping, Off trail Hiking)

Best Camp Time Products to Bring:

Pack Stool, Mini Lite Hiking Stool 



   Dave and I hike started out with a fairly easy hike Trout Lake located just north of Bonners Ferry Idaho in the Selkirk mountain range. From Trout Lake Dave and I left the trail and hit the ridge. We had a wonderful time ridge hiking with excellent scenic value. Once we where on the ridge above Trout Lake we had 360 degree Vistas and had us lost in the natural beauty of the Selkirks. There was spectacular views of high mountain meadows with little lakes. We had views of beautiful Trout lake on one side and Long canyon lake on another. The ridge contained decomposed granite and little brush for the most part easy hiking.


Mini Lite Hiking Stool and Trout Lake

Trout Lake and the Mini Lite Hiking Stool in use.


Mini Lite Hiking Stool tucked away on my backpack

Dave attempting to use the Mini Lite Hiking stool as a tripod (still needs a little R&D)



Dave Recalling a trip with the Boy Scouts.



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