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Covid 19 and workers

Because you are reading this page, you are aware that outdoor recreation is one of the best ways to enjoy life while staying safe... Camp-Time® is proud that we can can help make your outdoor experiences more comfortable at the same time. 

Thanks to you (our customer) we have seen a large increase in sales for CampTime® products. The flip side of this demand is that we are struggling to keep up with a smaller number of experienced employees. 

Our choice has been agonizing:   We will focus on Camp-Time's core products in "blue color" and reduce focus on specialty products in "green color".  If you don't see a green product listed or there is a big jump in a green products price, this is because our employee shortage is most acute in the "green" specialty line.  We are searching for outside support and we hope this condition is only temporary. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Dave and Leo and Camp Time Inc.