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Ultra Light Weight Roll-a-Chair®

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19" Seat Height, Blue, Green, Black


See the Video Below for the Roll-a-Chair® in Action:


                       The Ultimate in portable chairs


Ultra Light Weight:  Just 2.2 pounds, included adjustable shoulder strap.


Full Chair Height:   Legs open in 3 seconds to form a 19” stool. Comfy back-support swings over seat in 2 seconds to form a 29” tall chair. 


Incredibly Compact:  Folds fast into a narrow bundle only 4” Dia.


Extra Comfortable Seat:  Multiple fabric layers are perfectly arranged to eliminate “bias-stretch”.  Seat supports flat, high, and comfortably.


Reinforced Legs:  Each leg has an internal insert at the pivot hinge for durability.  The pivot hinge is made of heavy-duty steel rivets, that are MIG welded for unparalleled strength. 


Strongest Frame in the business:   Roll-a-Chair® is made with “Cold-drawn” aluminum legs.  “Cold-drawn” means the aluminum has been pulled through sizing-dies while cold, which results in exact tolerance and strong work-hardened aluminum.  The tubes are then heat treated to 980°F and quenched to attain a tensile strength of 98000psi. Roll-a-Chair®’s legs have more strength than carbon-steel at 1/3 the weight.


Use Roll-a-Chair® anywhere:  Roll-a-Chair may be the most-portable, full-height-chair ever made.  Take it everywhere; home, forest, desert or mountains.  At Camp Time Inc, we have been using the same Roll-a-Chair®s in our lunch room for over 10 years.



Cold-drawn tubing is naturally grey, and it is your “badge” of strength and quality.  The legs have their share of stains, streaks, and scratches but we think the natural grey color gives Roll-a-Chair® a rustic and robust look.  I think you will agree.  Let me know how Roll-a-Chair® works for you.  David Cook, President, Camp Time® Inc.


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