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Green Polyester Wide Ibex Roll-a-Cot® 74"L x 32"W x 15"H with sleeve for your air mattress

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The Wide Ibex Roll-a-Cot ® is the ultimate in portable sleeping comfort.

Comfortable Top:  Double layer top allows easy slide-in of your sleeping pad up to 25" wide. This unique combination of "pad in cot-sleeve" gives maximum sleeping comfort because the air chamber formed is soft and insulating. 

Adjustable Firmness: Both pressure and leg-frames are adjustable for optimum feel. Your spine, hips and shoulders will love the adjustable firmness of the new Wide Ibex Roll-a-Cot® with its air mattress.

Superior Warmth:  The 2-layer fabric top will hold your pad securely 

More Room to spread out:  With your pad in the sleeve,  your body floats higher to the top of the side-rails for a flatter and wider sleeping platform that allows more movement for your knees and arms.

Comfortable Height: The Wide Ibex Roll-a-Cot® is 15" tall and makes sitting and standing much easier than low cots. Also that 15" of ground clearance provides a lot of of storage space under the cot.  

Easy Assembly: Slide the side rails together, engage the leg frames into the rail holes and attach the cot carry pouch for personal item storage. 

Quality Specifications: Cot size is 74"L x 32"W x 15"H. Folded size is 36"L x 5" diameter. Weight is 10 lbs 10oz. Holds 250 pounds with ease. 6005-T6 aluminum frame. 2-layer cot top is made of 600-denier polyester in a high density layup of 82 threads/inch and in Jade Green color. The Wide Ibex Roll-a-Cot® is PVC Free. Patent #5109556.

Fitment specs for Green Polyester Wide Ibex Roll-a-Cot® to fit your Van or PU :  All four side-rail mounting holes are located 12" from their closest side-rail end.  Each pair of side-rail mounting holes (on same side-rail) are located 48" apart from each other.  Leg tips touch ground near 28" apart.  Contact regarding adjustments that may be possible at extra charge.

Made in USA by Camp Time Inc. Spokane Valley WA since 1983.

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