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We have been making Roll-a-Tables, Cots, Chairs, Stools for almost 42 years now and have a ton of great testimonials.  If you would like to have your Camp Time® testimonial considered please email it to 

*Thanks John, you were instrumental in pushing us to make the 7 foot long Roll-a-Cots.

*Brad is a "love the sea" guy.  We think that he is also developing gills. Thanks for the great undersea pictures.  

*OK Charles Lee: You are hired, start tomorrow, bring your gloves!  Dave"

*Ed is using the adjustable leg set for Roll-a-Table. See 

*Yes, the table has a lot more uses than just camping.

*Phil is asking about other sizes for the Roll-a-Stools and Chairs, please see our Online Store

Roll-A-Table helps save a Mt. Everest climber:  

Wednesday May 21, 1998:   Under a cloudless blue sky, 19 climbers reached the summit of Mt. Everest and 14 others were turned back.  Of  these 19 climbers, the first westerner and the second to reach the summit was Pasquale Scaturro:  An "extreme business man"  from Denver Colorado.  Pasquale reached the  summit at an unusually early 8:50 AM!  

As Pasquale was climbing down from the summit, another member of his group "Sherman Bull" was climbing up the mountain and fell 300' to the 27,000' foot level.  (Sherman suffered broken ribs and cracked vertebrae).   Pasquale constructed a stretcher out of  two Roll-A-Table®s and tent poles from his gear at Camp 2 and then returned to use his "one of a kind" Roll-A-Stretcher™ to rescue Sherman Bull. 



Spring 2001, Pasquale completed a successful expedition to the Summit of Mt. Everest in support of the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) this past spring.  
Camp Time® was a proud sponsor of Pasquale's recent expedition and provided six Roll-A-Cot®s, 12 Roll-A-Table®s and 30 Roll-A-Chair®s. 
Why so many Chairs we asked Pasquale?  "Because the Sherpas fought over them last time.  Just imagine a full sized chair with a comfortable back that is easy to carry to 27,000 feet!"
We agree with you Pasquale!  At only 2.6 lbs,  Roll-A-Chair® is the "lightest weight" and "most portable" full-sized chair in the world!