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CampTime® Story:

Inspired by “Skipper Mel”-   It was 1979 when Skipper Mel yelled at Dave:  “The corners on your steel table are chaffing the tubes on my brand new Zodiac, please find a table without sharp edges”.   Aye-Aye” Dave yelled back.  After 40 years of continuous production, Camp Time’s Roll-a-Table® remains the most compact, portable, full-sized table on the river; and there are no sharp edges. 

Inspired by Critters-   Founder Dave tells the story:  “It was 1986 on the Stikine River when we docked at the River Song Lodge at Telegraph Creek BC.  Unfortunately, there were no rooms but the barn was half price!  What a deal, hungry mice chewed holes in our gear and played havoc with Skipper Mel’s sweet smelling body.  Roll-a-Cot® was a direct result of that nasty night.  And now CampTime® offers 9 cot models.  Each model is way above those critters.

Inspired by hot-spring-  Dave tells the story. 12 inches of water at 99 degrees makes a fabulous water bed.  During those dreamy-soaks, Roll-a-Chair® was invented and later received a patent.  But, this hot spring is much more than a patent, it’s an addiction to luxury camping.  The spring is located 4000’ below the rim of Hell’s Canyon and is protected by Poison-Oak and rattlesnakes.  We have enjoyed dozens of visits since Skipper Mel first introduced it.  With each new soak, Roll-a-Chair® gets even better.”

Inspired by a second generation- Our new son-in-law “Leo” shares the same vision we do.  Leo says “I will send Dave camping when the time comes, but for now he will have to camp with little Emilia and me”.   Dave says, “Good, because we have three new products ready to promote”.

Co-founder “Isabelle” says: “Dear Customers: Thanks for supporting a life-time of adventure we call CampTime®”.

Contact:  Camp Time Inc,  3310 N Tschirley Road,  Spokane Valley WA 99216.  Phone 509-928-3051 (no voice mail)   Email for fast service including evenings and holidays.