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Camp Time ® Roll-a-Chair ® in 3 sizes and 3 colors

Lightest and most portable full-height chair in its class !   Roll-a-Chair® instantly converts from a full-height chair into a tiny bundle with shoulder strap for easy carrying.  Then, Roll-a-Chair® instantly converts back into a full-height chair with comfortable back support...  Three seat heights are available; 17", 19", 21".... The 17" seat-height is best for people under 67" tall. The 19" seat height chair is best for use with full-sized tables like Roll-a-Table®.  The 21" seat height is best for people over 74" tall.  The Large model has a larger seat at 20" diagonal vs 19" diagonal.  Quality made in USA with WA labor, IL rivets, NJ moldings. Patent #59211621. See CampTime ® Story