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Roll-a-Stool ®, Pack Stool ™, Jumbo Stool ™

Roll-a-Stool ® is tailored for superior sitting performance in 3 versions:  The original version is the “Roll-a-Stool ®, with a seat height of 19", extra-large diameter legs and 40 years of continuous production.  Roll-a-Stool ® has proven itself the most durable full-height stool ever... The Pack Stool ™ is a light-weight version of Roll-a-Stool®. At 17" tall and only 14 ounces it is the most portable and lightest stool in its class...The Jumbo Stool ™ is a 4 leg version of Roll-a-Stool®, it has a capacity of 300 pounds with the same 19" seat height as Roll-a-Chair®...Together, these 3 versions of Roll-a-Stool® offer the best outdoor sitting comfort anywhere... Roll-a-Stool ® is made in USA with Oregon Aluminum, Washington Labor and Illinois hardware. See the Camp Time ® Story.