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Welcome to Camp Time®.  We make unique "Roll-Up" camp furniture in Washington State, since 1981... From the 10 ounce Mini-Lite-Hiking Stool™ to a huge 40" wide Roll-a-Cot®,  we have 12 unique "Roll-Up" tables/cots/stools, to make the outdoors more comfortable for you:   

Roll-a-Table® has a new "adjustable leg-set" accessory-   These adjustable legs allow easy leveling on sloping river beaches. They fit every Roll-a-Table® made since 1981.  Thank you "".

Roll-a-Stool® was introduced in 1983 and got its "push" from the Vancouver World's fair in 1986.  Now with Roll-a-Stool's brilliant new colors and built in ruggedness, it has become the premier stool in the popular sport of Disc-Golfing.  Thank you "". 

Roll-a-Cot® was invented in 1988 while rafting the Stikine River of SE Alaska.  Now we have 5 sizes of Roll-a-Cot®.  See our newest two-layered green Roll-a-Cot®, each one has a built in sleeve to hold your air-mattress.    Thank you".

Roll-a-Chair® was born in 1988 from "dreamy-soaks" in the hot springs of Hells Canyon.  Now we have 3 sizes and soon we will be offering an ultra light version of Roll-a-Chair®.     Thank you "Mother Nature". 

Camp Time® is a family run business, since 1981.  We offer a personal-touch to your customer service needs.  Please send me an email-     Thank you for your visit today.