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19" tall Roll-a-Stool® and 17" tall Pack-Stool™

Roll-a-Stool® and Pack-Stool™

Two versions of CampTime®'s popular 3-legged stool each with their own unique character and purpose:  

Roll-a-Stool® is the big one with robust 1" diameter legs, larger seat and taller sitting height of 19" to fit most adults and most tables.  It is designed for rugged outdoor sports from disc-golf to hunting and with a total weight of only 24-ounces.  If your need is for a "bullet-proof" and "abuse-friendly" stool this is your ticket.

The Pack-Stool™ is the smaller one made with 3/4" diameter legs a smaller seat and a shorter sitting height of 17".  The legs use a special grade of  aluminum for strength and low weight.  At 14 ounces, it may be the lightest/strongest tripod stool of ts class. If your need is backpacking, biking, or canoeing;  the PackStool™ will be your choice.

Testimonial: "...your stools are the best thing that ever happened for Disc Golfer's...Chris McDougald."I love your products..."Scott, Helena MT

Roll-A-Stool® is a full "chair-height" stool that complements the sitting height of Roll-A-Table®.

Roll-A-Stool® is one of the strongest stools ever made: Each leg is constructed using 1" diameter tubing, much larger than other stools in its class. In addition, each leg is reinforced at its center hinge with a 4"  press fit aluminum insert.  This combo of larger diameter with internal reinforcements is stronger than all the other stool legs in its class.

Roll-A-Stool® is comfortable: The Seat is constructed using three layers of polyester fabric that are arranged to eliminate bias stretch that provides a taller sitting position.

Specifications: Stool size-19"H x15" triangular,  Folded Size- 26.5" x 3" diameter,  Weight- 24 ounces,  Capacity- 250+ lbs, Frame- alloy 6005-T6 with 43,000PSI yield strength,   Elastic Shoulder Strap and Closure. Made in USA!


Pack-Stool™    (attach new pics of PackStool)

The smaller Pack Stool™ is best suited for thinner hips (add size) and for backpacking, hiking where very lightweight and portable sitting is needed.  

The Pack Stool™is a Backpacker's Dream: This little dynamo eliminates all those "Deep Knee Bends" when filtering water or preparing meals along the trail.
The Pack Stool™ weighs only 14 ounces: and may be the lightest weight stool ever! 3/4" diameter aluminum legs are internally reinforced to provide the strength of steel at half the weight.
Lightweight sitting comfort: 3-ply polyester seat has a convenient 16" sitting height. Attach the Pack Stool™ to the outside of you pack and it will become your favorite "rest stop buddy".
Specifications: Stool Size-16"H x13" triangular, Folded Size- 22.5" x 2" diameter, Weight- 14 ounces, Capacity- 250 lbs, Frame- cold drawn tubing in 7001-T6 alloy with 85KPSI yield strength, Elastic Shoulder Strap and Closure.
Made in USA!


Disc Golf Roll-a-Stool® in Mesh



Three layers of polyester mesh give Roll-a-Stool® a great new  "semi-transparent" look. The new seat is also breathable and fast-drying.     

The legs of Roll-a-Stool are just visible through the 3 layers of 1000 denier polyester mesh. And there is a new Camp Time Logo imprint that looks like a disc. 

Available in Dark Blue, Forest Green, Red or Black !