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Pack Chair™ : Lightest and most portable Roll-a-Chair®

  • $55.00

Only weighs 32 ounces !              Wow,  that's only 2 pounds.

Folds to 23" long !                        Wow,  fits most checked luggage.

Comfortable 16" seat height !    With instant opening back support.   

Holds 250 pounds with ease !     Made in USA with best materials and design. 

The Pack Chair™ is the lightest, the strongest, and the most portable chair ever made.  Instantly opens into a comfortable chair that is 26" tall.  Instantly closes into a compact bundle only 4" x 3" x 23" long.  Carries effortlessly over shoulder with its adjustable shoulder strap.      Available in Blue, Greeen, or Black fabric.

Pack Chair™:  Provides instant sitting-comfort anywhere! 


  • So lightweight and compact you'll forget it's on your shoulder.
  • Built in shoulder strap is adjustable for perfect fit.
  • Total weight is 2 lbs, Folded Size is 4"diameter x 23" Long.


  • Four strong legs open instantly to form a convenient stool with 16" seat height.
  • Hinged back support opens instantly to form a comfortable chair.
  • Seat size is 19" diagonal (14" x 14" square), and it sits like a bike seat. Chair Size is 19" Wide x 19" Deep x 26" Tall with  16" Seat Height.


  • The legs are made with the strongest aluminum alloy (7001-T6) that is work hardened and tempered to higher strength than high carbon steel.  This allows an 8 ozs weight reduction and retaining a 50% strength advantage over another aluminum alloy.  In addition, each leg is reinforced at its hinge point for incredibly durability. 
  • Multiple layers of high density fabric are arranged to provide firm and uniform sitting comfort over the entire seat.
  • Patented back support system cradles your lower lumbar in comfort. Patent #59211621

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