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Blue Mesh reduced length Roll-a-Cot® 67"Length x 28"Width x 15"Height, RC67"

  • $135.00

67" length !  Good length for users below 67" in height.  Two leg-frames provide firm back-support because this standard Roll-a-Cot® has 3 tubes on each side that telescope together to form an incredibly strong side rail with no joints.  250 lb rated capacity and it fits small tents. 

28" Wide !   Bend your legs and sleep curled-up for warmth.  Fits over the wheel wells of a full-sized pick-up bed with plenty of storage room below.

15" Tall !   Good for small tents and pick-up truck beds.  Fit two into the back of a fullpick-up or van.  See Fitment specs below.

Roll-a-Cot® is made with our unique "1000 denier" blue-mesh fabric for its fast drying characteristics that river-runners want and need.  In addition our blue mesh fabric has less stretch than other cot materials because there are 2X warp yarns compared to its 1X weft yarn.  Its the 2X warp yarns that are used to support the user from "rail to rail".  Stretch is further reduced because the 1X weft yarns require only half the "up-down" weaving strokes on the loom, resulting in half the number of "zig-zags" in the warp yarns.  Less "Zig-Zag" in the warp means much less stretch across the width of the cot that supports the user. 

Roll-a-Cot® includes carry/storage bag !  This RC67" cot includes a carry-pouch that doubles as a convenient hang-pouch on the cot's rails for organizing night-time gear like flashlight, maps and water bottles.


  • No End Bars to bump your head or feet,
  • Top Firmness Adjusters for a firmer sleeping surface, 
  • 15" height fits inside most tents, cot height makes easy egress and provides lots of storage space below.
  • Handy Carry/Storage Pouch.

ROLL-A-COT® IS COMPACT: The cot folds in half and rolls-up to fit inside its own carry case/gear pouch. At only 9 lbs, the RC67" Roll-A-Cot® stores and carries easily!


  • The aluminum frame is constructed with 1.5" diameter sliders, 1.25" diameter side rails and 1" diameter leg-frames that are internally reinforced at all stress points including hinges and rail connections.  
  • The fabric is a made with heavy duty 1000 denier polyester yarn that is  individually coated with PVC, then the yarn is woven into fabric and then heat-set for strength and long life.   This "blue mesh" is our unique trademark for the best river running cot ever made and with its instant drying characteristics.   
  • All hardware is grade 5 steel (hardened alloy steel) and Camp Time® manufacturers all its products in Spokane Valley WA USA.

SPECIFICATIONS: Set-up size- 67"x28"x15" with 2 leg frames, Rolled-up size- 33"x5"diameter, 250 lb capacity, 9lbs weight, Royal Blue Mesh fabric, aluminum legs. Patent #5109556

Fitment specs for 67" Roll-a-Cot® "RC67" to fit your Van or PU :  All four side-rail mounting holes are located 8" from their closest side-rail end.  Each pair of side-rail mounting holes (on same side-rail) are located 48" apart from each other.  Leg tips touch ground near 28" apart.  Contact regarding adjustments that may be possible at extra charge.

Made in USA by Camp Time Inc. Spokane Valley WA

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