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New Roll-a-Table® Storage Bag is made like a dry-bag with roll-down closure and welded seams.

  • $24.00

This new Roll-a-Table® storage bag is made like a dry-bag and protects the table from abrasion, water and dirt.  

  • Loading is easy, just slide Roll-a-Table® to the bag's bottom and roll-down the fabric top. Secure the ends of the rolled fabric together using its side-release buckles.  Before storing, make sure your table is dry.  
  • Made a little wider,  so it will hold 2 Stools or 2 Chair's in addition to your  table.  With two stools, this bag will become your picnic center.   When packing 2 chairs (larger diameter than stools), stow them inside from "head to toe".    

Product Specifications:  Heavy duty 600-D polyester fabric with a PVC lamination on its inside, all seems are welded, flat dimensions= 49L x 14"W,  filled dimensions = 35" long x 7" diameter,  empty weight = 14 ounces, fabric color = Black. 

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